Electroerosion machining

Electroerosion machining  (EDM - Electro Discharge Machining) is an up-to-date technology which uses electrical discharges between a tool electrode and a workpiece to remove material. The tool electrode and the workpiece are dipped in special liquid having a high electrical resistance (dielectric).  In addition to perfectly flat surfaces or various curved surfaces, it is possible to machine parts with very complicated shapes with high accuracy.

Drátová řezačkaThe electroerosion wire cutting method can be used very successfully especially in manufacture of forming and injection moulds or cutting and press tools for series manufacture of plastic, glass or metallic parts. It is possible to machine only materials with electrical conductivity by means of the electroerosion method. The maximum workpiece weight is 500 kg and the cutting wire thickness is 0,1 - 0,3 mm.


  • wire cutting machine Mitsubishi SX10
    (X350, Y250, Z220)