Microimpact marking

Microimpact marking is a technology, at which a contact occurs between the marking carbide needle and material. This method makes permanent marking which can be seen even under a paint coat or under another surface treatment, e. g. sand blasting or zincing. Therefore, this technology is very often used in automobile industry, metallurgical industry, machinery industry and in many other industrial branches.

BENCHMARK 320Using the microimpact technology, it is possible to mark texts (e. g. date, time, serial numbers of drawings, VIN codes, 2D Datamatrix), but also logotypes or other graphic motives, in one line or more lines, on a flat surface as well as on a partially uneven surface. The  microimpact technology can be used to mark metals up to hardness of 64HRC, wood, plastic materials and glass. The maximum size of the marking window is 100 x 150 mm.


  • microimpact system BENCHMARK 320 (technology TELESIS-USA)