Grinding of metals

Grinding is a method for chip machining of plane surfaces or cylindrical surfaces specified to reach the final workpiece accuracy and the high quality of a ground surface. The most often practice task is usually grinding of tools and machining of machine-industry workpieces and parts having high demands regarding the accuracy and quality of the surface. As a standard, we reach the accuracy of +/- 0,01 mm at flat grinding as well as at round grinding.

Flat grinding

Broušení na plochoUsing two tool grinding machines, we perform grinding of plane surfaces, of tools and of very complicated shapes and parts with high accuracy. The machines also enable copying grinding or grinding of shapes in projection.


  • tool grinding machine BPH 20 NA (X600, Y300)
  • tool grinding machine BPH 20 (X600, Y300)

Round grinding

Broušení na kulatoRound grinding is specified for very precise machining of outside and inside cylindrical, conical or shaped surfaces. The typical products are shafts, journals, hubs and other parts having the rotary character. The grinding machine BHU 25 enables traverse grinding as well as plunge grinding. The machine is a general-purpose one and therefore it is specified for series production as well as for single-part production.


  • round grinding machine BHU 25 (D280, L1000)