Material separation

We offer free capacity in the field of chip material separation and heat material separation. Full material as well as profile material is cut using two band saws or using a circular saw in perpendicular cuts and under various angles. The band saws PILOUS have the stepless adjustable range of cutting angles (60° to the right, 45° to the left) and they enable efficient separation of material in bundles.

Pásová pilaEspecially at separation of material with bigger thickness or with bigger dimensions, we use the heat cutting method by means of oxygen which is suitable for plain carbon steel or low alloy steel. In addition to the theoretically unlimited thickness of material being cut, this technology excels in the top quality cut.


  • band saw PILOUS ARG 250 (Dmax = 250 mm)
  • circular saw PKA 35 (Dmax = 160 mm)
  • set for oxygen cutting (oxy-acetylene)