CNC milling

CNC milling is an up-to-date machining method which excels especially in its accuracy, speed and big variability. By means of our CNC machines we are able to machine a great number of materials, beginning with usual steel over non-ferrous metals and finishing with hardened tool steel.

CNC frézováníIt is very useful to use CNC machines at manufacture of complicated parts having complicated shapes with a great part of drilling, boring and thread cutting operations. A great range of programmable cycles is specified for this purpose. Using CNC machines, we perform milling with accuracy of +/- 0,01 mm, if manufacturing in small series or in big series.


  • vertical knee type milling machine FV 25 CNC A
    (X1000, Y355, Z400)
  • vertical machining centre VMC 60
    (X1120, Y600, Z540)
  • vertical machining centre Hermle C400
    (X850, Y700, Z500)
  • horizontal machining centre MCFH 63
    (X1000, Y800, Z850)

CNC frézováníCNC frézka

Horizontální obráběcí centrum MCFH 63

Vertikální obráběcí centrum Hermle C400