Sand blasting

Sand blasting or grit blasting is a technology specified for surface treatment of materials using a flow of fine abrasive particles. Steel shot, siliceous sand, steel grit or slag are most often used as abrasive material. Sand blasting is specified for surface treatment before its finishing – e. g. painting or metal spraying. The method is useful for most of hard materials, as metals, concrete, stone, ceramics, glass, wood, etc.

SBC 420Using the up-to-date equipment, including the sand blasting box SBC 420, we are always able to reach the required roughening, smoothing or surface unification of almost any plane surface or shaped surface. In practice, sand blasting is often used at renovation and repair work of old, uncared or worn surfaces – e. g. as forming moulds and injection moulds.


  • sand blasting box SBC 420 / PP-T 0008
    with cyclone and an intensifier