Slot perforation

Slot perforation is a technology specified for perforation of plastic tubes or pipes by means of saws. Regular slots are made on the tube circumference and these slots are performed in such a way that they enable inlet or outlet of liquids. The tubes adapted in this way provide permanent stability of rock or covering; therefore, they are most often used at building of wells, aeration of stock yards, drainage of bases for constructions and roads, aearation of flat roof structures as well as at watering of agricultural land.

Štěrbinová perforaceAt the current time we are able to perform perforation of tubes with diameters ranging from 50 mm up to 200 mm with the wall thickness of 1 – 10 mm. According to your wishes, we are able to supply you tubes with required perforation per cent; perforation starts and ends approx. 200 mm from the tube edge. The standard slot width is 1 mm. It is possible to make another width after an agreement.


  • semi-automatic single-purpose machine for cutting of plastic materials (PVC, PVC-U, PE)