Locksmith manufacture, welding, processing of metal sheet

The greatest part of our locksmith production is represented by frames, doors, gates, fences, railings, machine frames or other single-purpose devices, trucks and machine bases for agriculture, arms and lifting devices, billboards, columns and stands for installation of wireless technology, etc. We also have a great capacity in the welding field available. We use the MIG/MAG method, plasma or oxy acetylene flame. In addition to standard materials, we also weld stainless steel and aluminium. Moreover, we perform all processing of metal sheet.



  • oxy-welding machine (6 pcs)
  • plasma welding machine
  • oxy acetylene flame
  • falling shears (Tmax = 4 mm, Lmax = 2000 mm)
  • bending machine (Lmax = 2500 mm)
  • bending rolls (D = 150-2000 mm)
  • eccentric press 63T
  • hand press
  • high lift truck 3,5 t

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